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□ Can’t get appointments, can’t increase prospective customers

□ sales do not increase

□ I don’t know how to run a hospital business.

□ I’m looking for a tele-appointment subcontractor

□ A person looking for a textbook for training subordinates


This book summarizes 100 important basics when making a tele appointment to a Japanese hospital.

[Strategy Formulation] 
Team Consciousness/Philosophy/MVV/Segment/Target/Position/USP/Strength/4P/Sales Scenario Flow/Sharing goals and aligning vectors/How to set overall goals/How to set goals for individuals/Goal achievement plan/Numerical management/Key person call rate, appointment rate, settlement rate/Cause of low call rate/appoint rate Reasons for a low rate of success/Causes for a low settlement rate/Classification of reasons for NG/Deeper analysis of reasons for NG/Tweaking the communication method for each type of callee/Refining the script

[Customer development] 
Decide what to develop / Link between IS and FS / KPI setting / Rank definition / Scenario creation / Identify customers immediately / BANT interview method / Business negotiations when this sign appears / Questions to ask yourself / Write this for e-mail magazines / Web seminars are effective for training / Guidance for visitors to exhibitions / Write useful articles / Hand out materials for actors / Continuity is power / Don't rely on intuition / Thorough dissection when results are achieved / Imagining customer psychology / Listening to customer feedback / To improve hypothesis accuracy / Factoring issues / Grasping changes in hospital market environment / Grasping efforts within hospitals

[Visiting Sales Edition] 
Appearance/Usual language/Clarifying the purpose of the visit/"Four faults"/"Questioning"/Confirming hospital information in advance/Appointment history/Allowing time/What kind of mask to choose / Be careful with the accompanying members / Different admission methods for each hospital / Be considerate of patients / The doctor is also the same person / Visit for the first time / Visit after the second time / Contents of the bag / Go to the reception 0 minutes before / Control business negotiations / Give few explanations / Do not forget to present disadvantages / Keep hypothesis verification in mind / Interviews / Do not pretend to know / Answer questions honestly / Check the end time first / Get homework and go home / Be sure to do your homework / Contents to write in business negotiation memos / Interpret business negotiation memos with your boss / Create a database and analyze trends later / Correctly accept the results of business negotiations / Revise sales scenarios / Be sure to know anything you don't know investigate